Roundnet made right.

Roundnet made right.

Next-generation roundnet equipment

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Did that hit the rim?

Our patented clacker technology makes the rim easy to see and hear. Every point is either in or out. No arguments.


of roundnet players prefer our rim clacker technology over the competition

Set up in seconds

Bash folds out easily to offer you a faster and more reliable net tension


improvement in speed. 10x improvement in fun.

Tennis racquets don’t have pockets

Neither should roundnet. We moved the rim as far back as possible to improve net consistency.

Competitors vs Bash


of players prefer Bash over our leading competitor. Why settle for less?

Our Mission

Our company is dedicated to enhancing the game of roundnet by optimizing its key components. Our team recognizes that the current state of the game is impeded by various challenges such as confusing rim shots, inconsistent pocket designs, and a tedious and unreliable setup process.

Our objective is to streamline and improve all aspects of the game to create a more efficient and enjoyable experience for players and spectators alike. We are committed to advancing the game of roundnet and are confident in our ability to do so.

Our story

Shayne Gryba, our founder, is an individual who is deeply passionate about the game of Roundnet.

Recognizing both the enthusiasm and challenges faced by the community, Shayne was driven to explore innovative solutions. His dedication to the sport led to the creation of our company, which aims to revolutionize the game of roundnet through groundbreaking advancements. Through Shayne’s vision and leadership, we are committed to elevating the sport to new heights and are excited to share our progress with potential investors.

Shayne Gryba

Ph D, Theoretical Physics. Founder & Product Designer

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